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All about 1 topic in under 5 minutes

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Some topics you will learn about:

Carbon Capture Utilization
Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Enhanced Weathering
Direct Air Capture
Green Hydrogen
Nuclear Fusion
Green Cement

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Ok cool, but who's writing this?

That would be me, Javier Gascón :)

Climate tech geek


I've always loved sustainability and understanding how things work.

In March 2022 I started writing about climate tech on LinkedIn to increase awareness, inspire people, and drive action.

1M+ impressions and 160+ posts later I'm starting a newsletter to share more knowledge on these topics.

So what are my goals?

1. Make people curious about climate tech, educate them and inspire them to take action.

2. Ultimately, embed positive climate impact into people's decision making process.

3. Live a life 100% around climate tech: learning, teaching, investing, etc.

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